Hot Surlee™ Mustard

Hot Surlee™ Mustard


OKV Surlee Hot Mustard made from brown and yellow mustard seeds, and wine lees. We mix our mustard in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality control. 

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Hot Surlee™ Mustard is a blend of brown and yellow mustard seeds, and fermented white wine lees. We have designed it to complement our sausages and cheeses, especially in sandwiches made from our bread.


are the sediment that is left in the bottom of the tank after the wine has been racked for storage in barrels or bottling. It contains residual wine, spent yeast (which gives the mustard a bit of a bread taste), cream of tartar (which provides the citrus note) and grape pulp. They have an interesting citrus note that gives the mustard a unique taste. We ferment the lees for at least 60 day with organic vinegar yeast to maximize its sour notes.


is an adaptation of the french winemaking term ‘sur lie’. This is when you leave the leave the wine on its lees for an extended period. It is a common technique with Chardonnay and Champagne.

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