Our Process

Commercial breads, from start to finish, are a quick make-and-bake process. While being easy to mass produce hundreds of loaves a day, it doesn’t give the yeast enough time to do its job, leaving gluten proteins intact, which can irritate the gut.

At WineCrush™ we use wild yeast from vineyard grapes to inoculate the sourdough. Grape skins and seeds are natural preservatives that kill yeast; our blend of Okanagan yeasts create a mother that can fight back.

Our bread requires a multiple-day process. We first mix the leaven and leave it to sit. Once ready, we mix the rest of the dough. Multiple folds and a traditional 48-hour slow rise give the active yeast enough time to break down the gluten proteins. The result is a gluten-depleted sourdough bread that won’t irritate sensitive stomachs.

Our Commitment 

WineCrush crush comes from local wineries and we use it in meat, bread, and cheese. Vineyards need to use special handling procedures to compost their crush and some vineyards simply throw their crush in the landfill. Within 48 hours of the wineries finishing pressing, we begin the process of turning pomace, the skins and seeds, into WineCrush, keeping plant material out of landfills and giving vineyards a break from the complexities of composting.

Roasted and coarsely ground grape seeds go in our Dukkah spice rub and our coffee blend. Grape seeds are delicious when roasted, similar to sesame seeds with a nutty finish, pairing well with coffee or spices.

Dehydrated lees, which smells a little bit like chocolate, are in our sourdough breads. Wine lees is a creamy substance full of spent yeast and cream of tartar with a lemon-sour taste and lots of B vitamins, so using it keeps this by-product adds nutritional power to the products.  We use wine lees in our mustards and meat marinades instead of traditional wine vinegar for a bigger kick.

WineCrush wants everything we use to be local, high quality, and repurposed.

Specialty Items 

WineCrush has partnered with The Dubh Glas Distillery, makers of Noteworthy Gin in Penticton, who use high-quality botanicals in small batches to ensure an outstanding spirit. Once they’ve imparted their gin with its carefully balanced and refreshing flavour, they pass us their spent aromatics, which we dry and grind, leaving a delicate spice that’s luscious in savoury meats, cheesecakes, and our streusel topping on muffins.

If your company has extra pomace, botanicals, or other waste products you don’t know what to do with, we at WineCrush are dedicated to finding additional uses for the hidden flavours and recipes just waiting to be discovered.