The Evolution Of Winecrush

Winecrush is the result of fortuitous serendipity.

One never really retires when they ‘retire to the Okanagan’. Our owner was getting into the fine art of sourdough bread, and while bicycling along the quiet backroads in Summerland he came across wild grapes growing along the side of the road. Thinking that, maybe, the grapes could be used as a yeast in a sourdough starter, he took them home and tried it. The crushed grapes gave the bread a unique and flavourful texture.

Later that week he assisted a local winery with their grape pressing and found that the pomace (or marc) designated for compost was the same texture as the grapes he had used in the bread. With a new idea brewing, he brought home the crush and got to work, developing a bread packed with the resveratrol-rich skins and antioxidant seeds to make the healthiest and tastiest breads on the market.

A new idea was formed! It costs wineries time, money, and resources to safely compost their pomace. By taking it and repurposing it we save the vineyards time and money and we get the opportunity to innovate a new, healthy, product.