Artisan Breads

Our two base breads, RedBread and RhineBread are used to create a variety of interesting flavours. We use organic flour and our WineCrush™ powder in each loaf to ensure the best tasting bread. They freeze well and are packed with flavour.


  • Using a Bordeaux varietal crush, usually Merlot or Malbec WineCrush™, and organic flour
  • Robust red wine flavour
  • Additional lees to give it more of a sour punch


  • Based on German varietal crush, using Pinot Gris WineCrush™ and organic flour
  • Earthy with a sour touch
  • Great for experiementing with interesting and unique flavours.

Specialty bread


      • Our classic RedBread™, a sweet and tangy Merlot WineCrush sourdough

Cinnamon Raisin RedBread

      • Dotted with raisins and folded with ground cinnamon, it’s a new take on the classic RedBread flavour.  Thursdays only.

Chocolate Espresso RedBread

      • Made with Merlot, Backdoor beans, and chocolate, this bread is a tasty treat. Fridays only

Jalapeño Cheddar RhineBread

      • A boule stuffed with jalapeño and shredded cheddar, parbaked, and then topped with even more cheddar

Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic RhineBread

      • Slivered garlic and sliced sun-dried tomatoes stuffed into a boule and baked to perfection

Special Request RhineBread

      • Have an idea for a tasty or sweet boule? We want to hear from you.

Other Sweet and Savoury Treats

      • Sausage rolls, puff pastries, energy balls, and more!
      • Cookies, muffins, cheesecakes, and more!

Custom Products for Wineries

Specialty bread, made exclusively from your winery’s crush. Baked, proofed, or frozen and delivered to your tasting room or restaurant.

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