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Welcome to WineCrush 

Winecrush is an innovative company in the wine-rich Okanagan region of British Columbia. We take the left-over material from local winery’s after they press their grapes for their finest vintages, dehydrate it and mill it into a fine powder and infuse it into our unique food products. We have developed a specialized process that activates the wild yeast that lives on our grapes to make our 98% gluten depleted sour dough bread and baked goods.

Winecrush is full of antioxidants and natural plant compounds callled oligomeric proanthocyanidins complexes (OPC) and procyanidin dimers. In addition, Wincrush Powder is gluten free.

Find Winecrush Products Locally at
221 Main St. Penticton, BC V2A 5C4
Within Felts Photo Service

Tuesday thru Friday
8AM – 6PM


Sourdough RedBread™ and RhineBread

Mustards flavoured with Wine Lees

Okanagan Valley Dukkah™ Spice

Varietal WineCrush™ Powder

Varietal Grape Seed Oil